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Hello fellow Musicians,

This site contains some of my arrangements and compositions for many different genres including Vocal (SATB and TTBB), Brass Band, and Instrumental Groups.

If you have a specific song in mind and would like a custom arrangement, please feel free to contact me directly.  Prices are VERY reasonable at a standard rate of $30 for a vocal or short ensemble or band arrangement.  Guaranteed satisfaction and quick turnaround.  You pay after it is arranged how you like it.

A list of all of my pieces is included below (up to Jan 2020).  If a piece is not listed for sale on the Musica Neo site yet, please contact me directly for more information.

Number Title Instrumentation
JVG-0001-SATB Christ is the Answer SATB
JVG-0002-SATB He Comes Today SATB
JVG-0003-SATB How Beautiful the Skies SATB
JVG-0004-SATB My Lord Delivered Daniel SATB
JVG-0005-SATB Nearer My God to Thee SATB
JVG-0006-SATB Peter, Go Ring Dem Bells SATB
JVG-0007-SATB The Lord's Mercy SATB
JVG-0008-SATB O Come to the Stable SATB
JVG-0009-TTBB Eternal Father TTBB
JVG-0010-TTBB His Eye is on the Sparrow TTBB
JVG-0011-TTBB Swing Low Sweet Chariot TTBB
JVG-0012-SATB The Stream That Flows SATB
JVG-0013-TTBB In Yonder Stall TTBB
JVG-0014-TTBB Nativity - Huron Carol TTBB
JVG-0015-TTBB Nearer My God to Thee TTBB
JVG-0016-SATB Nativity - Huron Carol SATB
JVG-0018-SATB Swing Low Sweet Chariot SATB
JVG-0019-SATB Be Still and Know SATB
JVG-0020-TTBB Going Home TTBB
JVG-0021-SATB 10,000 Reasons SATB
JVG-0022-TTBB Peter, Go Ring Dem Bells TTBB
JVG-1001-ConcertBand Away in a Manger Concert Band
JVG-1002-BrassBand Away in a Manger Brass Band
JVG-1003-Brass Eternal Father - Trombone Choir Trombone Choir
JVG-1004-BrassBand Fanfare - Men and Angels Brass Band
JVG-1005-BrassBand Freedom - Trombone Feature Brass Band
JVG-1006-BrassBand I am So Glad Brass Band
JVG-1007-BrassBand I Must Have the Saviour With Me - Euphonium Solo Brass Band
JVG-1008-BrassBand Little Light Swing Brass Band
JVG-1009-BrassBand March - Legion of Honour Brass Band
JVG-1010-BrassBand March - The Benediction March Brass Band
JVG-1011-BrassBand March - Tulca 101 Brass Band
JVG-1012-BrassBand Meditation - Ochills Brass Band
JVG-1013-BrassBand Nativity - Huron Carol Brass Band
JVG-1014-Brass Nativity - Huron Carol - Quintet Brass Quintet
JVG-1015-BrassBand Nativity Suite Brass Band
JVG-1016-ConcertBand Nativity Suite Concert Band
JVG-1017-BrassBand O Sacred Head Brass Band
JVG-1018-BrassBand Prince of Glory Brass Band
JVG-1019-BrassBand Rivers of Mercy - Trombone Solo Brass Band
JVG-1020-BrassBand Sparrow Swing Brass Band
JVG-1021-Brass Sunbeam Swing - Sextet Brass Sextet
JVG-1022-BrassBand Swingle Bells Brass Band
JVG-1023-ConcertBand Swingle Bells Concert Band
JVG-1024-BrassBand Water of Life Brass Band
JVG-1025-Brass When the Saints - Quartet Brass Quartet
JVG-1026-BrassBand Will of God Brass Band
JVG-2001-BrassBand Kingdom of Heaven Brass Band
JVG-2002-BrassBand Still Brass Band
JVG-2003-Piano In Christ Alone - Brass Duet Duet with Piano
JVG-2004-BrassBand The Answer - Cornet Solo Brass Band
JVG-2005-Brass Little Light Swing - Brass Quintet Brass Quintet
JVG-2006-Brass Sunbeam Swing - Brass Quintet Brass Quintet
JVG-2007-Piano Wings of an Angel - Trombone Solo Solo with Piano
JVG-2008-Strings 10000 Reasons - String Quartet String Quartet
JVG-2009-BrassBand Do You Hear What I Hear Brass Band
JVG-2010-BrassBand Trisigion Brass Band
JVG-2011-BrassBand Worthy is the Lamb Brass Band
JVG-2012-BrassBand From the Darkness - Cornet Solo Brass Band
JVG-2013-BrassBand Home Brass Band
JVG-2014-BrassBand Meditation - I Know a Fount Brass Band
JVG-2015-Brass The Echo - Junior Brass Brass Quartet
JVG-2016-Brass Ukranian Carol - Trombone Choir Trombone Choir
JVG-2017-Brass Little Light Swing - Trombone Choir Trombone Choir
JVG-2018-Brass Nearer My God to Thee - Trombone Choir Trombone Choir
JVG-2019-Brass Ave Verum - Trombone Choir Trombone Choir
JVG-2020-Piano Everywhere - Trombone Solo Solo with Piano
JVG-2021-BrassBand Wings of an Angel - Trombone Solo Brass Band
JVG-2022-BrassBand Everywhere - Trombone Solo Brass Band
JVG-2023-BrassBand Graceland Brass Band
JVG-2024-BrassBand Going Home Brass Band
JVG-2025-Brass Blue Collar Man - Trombone Choir Trombone Choir
JVG-2026-Brass My Luve is Like a Red Red Rose - Trombone Choir Trombone Choir
JVG-2027-BrassBand Precious Fountain Brass Band
JVG-2028-Piano I Must Have the Saviour With Me - Euphonium Solo Solo with Piano
JVG-2029-BrassBand March - Ottawa Citadel Brass Band
JVG-2030-BrassBand The Lord Bless Thee - Flugel Solo Brass Band
JVG-2031-BrassBand Solemn Melody Brass Band
JVG-2032-Brass For the Beauty of the Earth - Trombone Quartet Trombone Quartet
JVG-2033-Brass Danny Boy - Trombone Quartet Trombone Quartet
JVG-2034-Brass Going Home - Trombone Choir Trombone Choir
JVG-2035-BrassBand Ancient Words - Trombone Solo Brass Band
JVG-2036-Brass Blackbird - Trombone Quartet Trombone Quartet
JVG-2037-Brass I Saw Her Standing There - Trombone Quartet Trombone Quartet
JVG-2038-Brass My Heart will go on - Trombone Quartet with TBB Trombone Quartet
JVG-3001-WB 10,000 Reasons Worship Team
JVG-3002-WB Above All Worship Team
JVG-3003-WB Amazing Grace - My Chains are Gone Worship Team
JVG-3004-WB As We Gather Worship Team
JVG-3005-WB Be Lifted High Worship Team
JVG-3006-WB Blessed Be the Rock (O Magnify the Lord/Hosanna) Worship Team
JVG-3007-WB Breathe Worship Team
JVG-3008-WB Christmas Offering Worship Team
JVG-3009-WB Come Alive - Dry Bones Worship Team
JVG-3010-WB Days of Elijah Worship Team
JVG-3011-WB He Has Made Me Glad Worship Team
JVG-3012-WB Here I am to Worship Worship Team
JVG-3013-WB How Great is our God Worship Team
JVG-3014-WB How Great Thou Art Worship Team
JVG-3015-WB In Christ Alone Worship Team
JVG-3016-WB Lead me to Calvary Worship Team
JVG-3017-WB Lord I Lift Your Name onHigh Worship Team
JVG-3018-WB My Redeemer Lives Worship Team
JVG-3019-WB O Come All Ye Faithful Worship Team
JVG-3020-WB Open the Eyes of My Heart Worship Team
JVG-3021-WB The Name of the Lord Worship Team
JVG-3022-WB Worthy is the Lamb Worship Team
JVG-3023-WB In Christ Alone Worship Team
JVG-3024-WB Shout to the Lord Worship Team
JVG-3025-WB Father We Love You Worship Team
JVG-4001-Piano Sparrow Swing - 2 Pianos Piano 


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